Agenda Day Two

Telecom Threat Intelligence Summit 2022

Following the first ever Telecom Threat Intelligence Summit in October last year, HardenStance is delighted to welcome you to TTIS 2022 on June 22nd and 23rd.

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Agenda Summary Day 2 - June 23rd

EST CET Company Speaker Talk
08.00 14.00 HardenStance Patrick Donegan Welcome & introduction.
08.10 14.10 ObjectS Consulting Omer Koker

The Chief Security Officer’s Perspective.

08.30 14.30 KPN Erno Doorenspleet

Defeating The Bad Guys Together.

08.55 14.55 Nokia Silva Nelson

Integrating 5G Threat Intelligence Into Service Provider Security Operations.

09.20 15.20 MITRE Muddasar Ahmed and Dr. Michaela Vanderveen

MITRE’s ‘FiGHT’ Framework for 5G.

09.40 15.40 Deutsche Telekom Manuel Kamp

An architecture for generating and using threat intelligence.

10.05 16.05 20 minutes interval
10.25 16.25 Allot Angel Fernandez

Leveraging Threat intelligence to Protect Home and SOHO Broadband Users.

10.50 16.50 NCSC Peter Haigh

The view from the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre.

11.10 17.10 Telus Tim Allsopp

The Mitel MiCollab/MiVoice DDoS Vulnerability from an ISP Perspective.

11.35 17.35 HardenStance Patrick Donegan, Cathal Mc Daid Closing remarks and wrap up.
12.00 18.00 Close conference

Agenda Day 2 - 23 June 2022

05.00 AM PST  |  08.00 AM EST  |  14.00 PM CET


Patrick Donegan, Founder and Principal Analyst

Welcome and introduction

05.10 AM PST  |  08.10 AM EST  |  14.10 PM CET

Objects Consulting

A. Ömer Köker, Founder

The Chief Security Officer’s Perspective

Former CISO, now an independent consultant, Omer Koker will review deepening geopolitical rivalries between global and regional powers, techno nationalism, and it’s impact on security operations and supply chain risks.

05.30 AM PST  |  08.30 AM EST  |  14.30 PM CET


Erno Doorenspleet, CTO

Defeating The Bad Guys Together

Telecom operators are part of the critical infrastructure, enabling communications around the globe. Nowadays government, businesses and other organizations need secure communications providers with a strong understanding of cyber security risk and the threat actors they face. Since attackers tend to be one step ahead of defenders in developing their techniques, tactics and procedures, telecom organizations should be actively collaborating on threat intelligence to defend their organizations and their customers.

In this talk, Erno Doorenspleet will share best practice threat Intelligence usage within telecom operator organizations. He will discuss how internal teams can leverage threat intelligence to protect their organizations and how actively exchanging threat intelligence with other telecom operators can drive adjustments in security posture to defend against the latest threats.

05.55 AM PST  |  08.55 AM EST  |  14.55 PM CET


Silva Nelson, Senior Product Manager

Integrating 5G Threat Intelligence Into Service Provider Security Operations

In the 5G era, threat intelligent sources must be integrated into service providers’ cybersecurity posture to provide them with a near real-time view into nefarious activities directed against their organization. This talk will explain different options for endpoint detection and response implementation in service providers networks. It will look at how different approaches will fit in the 5G network infrastructure, enabling service providers to preempt and mitigate cyberattacks effectively.

06.20 AM PST  |  09.20 AM EST  |  15.20 PM CET


Dr. Michaela Vanderveen, Principal 5G Security Architect

Muddasar Ahmed, Principal Cyber Security Architect

MITRE’s ‘FiGHT’ Framework for 5G

MITRE FiGHT is a framework aimed to catalogue adversary behaviors and techniques that can lead to compromise of the data and subsystems in a 5G network. MITRE’s presenter will share the context that led to the creation of the framework, use of such frameworks in 5G risk management and secure deployments and plans for the future public releases.

05.40 AM PST  |  09.40 AM EST  |  15.40 PM CET


Manuel Kamp, Head of Cyber Threat Intelligence

An architecture for generating and using threat intelligence

Deutsche Telekom has been championing the importance of threat intelligence for telecommunications companies for some time. Manuel will show what data a telecom operator can collect using internal sensors, what data can be evaluated, and how to set up a corresponding architecture to protect companies and their customers.

07.05 AM PST  |  10.05 AM EST  |  16.05 PM CET

20 minute interval - Day 2

07.25 AM PST  |  10.25 AM EST  |  16.25 PM CET

Allot Logo

Angel Fernandez, AVP of Security Solution, Product Management

Leveraging Threat intelligence to Protect Home and SOHO Broadband Users

As critical infrastructure/ utility providers around the world place increasingly stringent focus on quality of their services to the mass market, delivering ‘clean pipes’ should be a core part of the CSP business model. This talk will discuss how threat intelligence can be generated, curated and used to protect the on-line experience of consumers and small businesses. It will also discuss the importance of CSPs sharing threat intelligence with one another so as to then differentiate in the way they integrate threat intelligence into differentiated cyber security service offerings.’

07.50 AM PST  |  10.50 AM EST  |  16.50 PM CET

NCSC (with line)_lg

Peter Haigh, Technical Director

The view from the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre

The UK is a leader in both the telecom and cybersecurity sectors. Technical Director of the NCSC, Ian Levy, will give his assessment of the threats to telecoms services, what the sector does well in response and point to areas for potential improvement.

08.10 AM PST  |  11.10 AM EST  |  17.10 PM CET


Tim Allsopp, Senior Strategy Manager

The Mitel MiCollab/MiVoice DDoS Vulnerability from an ISP Perspective

In February 2022, a novel new DDoS vulnerability (CVE-2022-26143 – Mitel MiCollab/MiVoice) emerged with previously unheard of amplification rates.  This two-part talk will explore this event from the unique perspective of a Canadian ISP. Part one will cover the vulnerability itself and how it manifests on a carrier network. Part two will provide some introspection around the challenges and benefits of sharing sensitive information, ideally to inform better decisions on what and when to share.

08.35 AM PST  |  11.35 AM EST  |  17.35 PM CET

HardenStance_logo_300px_v3   AMS ENEA Horizontal Positive
Patrick Donegan, Founder and Principal Analyst, HardenStance

Cathal Mc Daid, CTO, AdaptiveMobile Security

Closing remarks and wrap up

09.00 AM PST  |  12.00 PM EST  |  18.00 PM CET

Close conference